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Roots are such a common problem for sewer lines  that a special device is used to clear them from a pipe. This device is  the sewer rooter, and it has been clearing clogs for over seventy years. In the early 1930's, a man by the name of Samuel Blanc fashioned a  crude sewer line cleaner out of a washing machine motor, steel cable,  and roller skate wheels. A few years later his invention evolved into  the “Roto-Rooter” machine. This machine is similar to those used today  to clear out roots. In sewer line cleaning industries, a rooting machine has utmost importance, as root buildup is a common cause of clogging. To learn more about the cleaning process,  please see the following article. Thank you for choosing  SurfSidePlumbing.com.

Destroy roots in sewer line



Though the joins of pipe  segments may fit snugly, there's never a guarantee that it won't let  roots in. Sewer line specialists often face the problem of roots  clogging a pipe, and will use special devices to restore proper effluent flow. The sewer rooter (mentioned above) is a common device for  treating root build-up. However, before a professional from  SurfSidePlumbing.com uses a rooter, he or she may wish to scope out the  pipe using a video camera in-line sewer inspection. This will detect the exact location and cause of the problem. Our  company has over fifty years of experience, and serves a large portion  of California, including Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Bel Air, Santa  Monica, and West L.A. For more information, please feel free to contact  us directly. Thanks for stopping by.Beverly Hills  Rooter Service

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