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Beverly Hills  Sewer Line Replacement



To keep sewer line repair services away from your home, make sure to take some important precautions.  Roots commonly cause clogs and other problems that may eventually lead  to sewer line replacement. Roots, although outside the home can be  stopped from crawling into your pipes if you take the right steps. For  one, you can remove any trees and shrubs that are near any underground  sewer line. Also, make sure not to plant any new shrubs in similar  areas. Such vegetation having long roots often cause recurrent clogging  problems. Root problems can also be avoided by making sure that no  underground pipes leak at the seals. Read more about the cause of leaky  seals in the following article.


Sewer line repair: pipe joins

In the past century, a number of materials have been used for piping, all serving the same purpose, but having  different characteristics. Today, the most common pipe material by far  is plastic. Before the 1980s, however, cast iron and clay were very  common. Unfortunately, though cast iron and clay have decent longevity,  they are prone to decomposition, and will eventually require sewer line  repair. Usually, older pipes first show problems at a seal where two  pipe segments join. Clay pipes commonly leak at the joins, and this will attract roots which can work into the pipe. Cast iron also has similar  problems. Luckily, plastic pipes don't attract roots to the degree of  the others and thus plastic pipes will probably save you from future  sewer line replacement. If you live in the Bel Air, Beverly Hills, West  L.A., Brentwood, or Santa Monica area, SurfSidePlumbing.com will gladly  tackle any sewer inspection and plumbing issue you encounter.  Beverly Hills Sewer Line Replacement


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